London Airport Boycott:

ScotRadio is demanding a boycott on London airports for all passengers who's destination is Scotland.

WHY? Because while airlines required to make a profit not only provide service to and from Scottish airports over the Atlantic and to and from Europe, the national flag carrier of The United Kingdom forces all persons traveling to and from The USA Canada Australia etc to travel via London. Let us not forget that many Scottish tax pounds/dollars went in to subsidizing this company.

WHAT? What this means is a rather large financial loss to the Scottish economy and while discounts are advertised via London to Europe etc via our national flag carrier we have yet to find any discounted fares on their web site etc to or from Scotland. This means our travelers and tourists are not only forced to go to London, but to pay and extra fare to go to Scotland. Just a small example of the economic impact inflicted on Scotland and we know its a silly example until you stop and think about it. Let us say half of our 4 million tourists land in London. Let's say each of the 2 million buy breakfast at a low 10 pounds each. That is a loss of 20 million pound to the Scottish economy, just for breakfasts, now add the taxies, hotels and other expenses and you will see how many millions of pound are involved. Again this NON access to Scottish cities slows up our commercial transport, adds extra cost to passengers and our exports and is an insult to the intelligence of the Scottish people. IF they say there is just not enough traffic perhaps they would like to talk to Continental Airlines of America, (a for profit company) who just announced a 40% increase in their New York Glasgow route. Or American Airlines, or Air Canada or perhaps KLM who advertise their service to several Scottish cities via Amsterdam in Australia, while we have not found any advertising by the UK's national carrier that it even serves Scotland. We do know they have some nice discounts to Paris, Rome, and several other cities though from DFW, JFK and several other areas.

WE ask that all persons traveling to and from Scotland to international destinations deal with those companies, LISTED BELOW, who have shown they are willing to invest in Scotland and our friends to Scotland. It will save you time and money. Below are links to the international Airlines who serve Scotland directly and NON STOP, that's right no 3 to 4 hour transfer time and no added fares.

We have assembled a list of airlines that allow you to plan your flight schedule direct to Scotland from selected U. S., Canadian and Australian cities with out a stop over in London.

American Airlines Non stop Chicago Glasgow

Continental Non stop Newark To Glasgow

Air Canada Non stop Toronto to Glasgow

Canada 3000 Non stop/Direct Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto Halifax

KLM Via Amsterdam from all over the world to Aberdeen Edinburgh Glasgow

Sabena Via Brusels from All over the world to Glasgow and Edinburgh

Iceland Air From Boston, New York, Halifax via Iceland to Glasgow

Luftansa Via Frankfurt from the world

Air France Via Paris from the world